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Thiết kế bắt mắt được bọc trong những tấm kính đầy màu sắc

Yazgan design firm has created a unique architecture as the waves are melting in front, reflecting the diversity of the interior space.

The ONS Inc. tower in Ankara, Turkey stood out from afar and is covered in colorful glass panels. The glass plate with six different colors like orange, green and blue visual connection display area with residential areas.
45,000 m2 large complex containing nearly 1,000 apartments classified as a large residential area located between the city center. By using different forms of circulation ramps, stairs and lifts, visitors can move through space to the various residential units. The house consists of three floors with residential models and sales are located at the ground floor, the top floor is the place for private offices.
The building is located on the top of a landscape is designed as multi-layer ripples follow the natural terrain as flowing from the center of the complex and forming the natural indigenous gardens in Ankara.